• Corina

    The one with the helmet is AWESOME!!! and the one-zee adds to it.

  • Kevin Laing

    love the one with the bi-plane,i take it we have another future a.f. pilot?if i wasn’t so computer illiterate i would make that my wallpaper.

  • Congratulations on the baby boy. He isn’t just ‘baby cute’ like most babies, but is absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait to meet him! And who knows, maybe he’ll have a little friend here to play with in the near future ;)

    Awesome job on the photos and editing too, though I am sure it helps to have such adorable subjects!

  • Deb

    he’s grown so much already!! he is absolutely adorable…and the pouty face picture makes me want to BAWL! ugh!

  • WANTED: 6 Month Bearometer shot.. I know it’s gotta be something clever with the kid in Belize or something!!!