Our greyhound who defied the odds.  She made it around 14 laps of life and never gave up… even when we made the call, she was still struggling to continue the race.

MorganWe adopted Morgan, then on her fourth lap of life, in 2004 as a remedy for Merlin.  Unlike Merlin, Morgan was fearless and full of energy.  Originally known as “Ashley Sue” from her track days in Arizona, she won 7 of 50 races, and took second place in an additional 10 of those races.  She was fast and quirky.  Chase flying kites?  Check.  Bump up against our bed to wake us up in the morning?  Check.  Get in howling competitions with us (at below)?  Check.  Eat the cat shit out of the litter box?  Unfortunately, check (but at least it kept the litter changings to a minimum…).

They say that cats have 9 lives… Morgan must’ve been part cat (maybe it’s the proverbial “you are what you eat”?).  Let’s see: she’s charged head-first into a barbed-wire fence upon hearing a gunshot (with significant blood loss), her face has ballooned after snapping at a bee, and my parents almost had to scrape her off the Texas desert after 3 days of aimless wandering once she realized their drought-ridden ranch wasn’t entirely fenced in.

The motherly instinct

It was around lap 8 that Morgan really shined through though: enter our first child.  Despite having a blood-lust for rabbits and other small animals, she never once snapped at our kids or cat.  The kids could crawl all over her and after she’d had enough, she would just get up and move.  She had a very motherly instinct to all that was “family.”

Morgan in Brugge, BelgiumI’ll admit that after laps 10 and 11, she slowed down a little… but she continued strong in the backstretch.  She’s travelled from Arizona to New Mexico, to Savannah, to Prosecco Country (Italy), through der Fahzaland (Germany), Belgium, and finally to Her Majesty’s United Kingdom.  In fact, how often do you see a 13-year-old greyhound get the best of a rabbit?  Morgan did.  Multiple times… with cataracts and a loss of hearing.

I know she’ll be missed by all who knew her.  Especially by those that participated in her howling competitions.  A 14-lap race can take it out of you… I’m already sorely missing my nightly boisterous greeting of paws on my chest followed by a three-circle spin.

So, I’ve been away with work for two months.  Pam called.  Morgan had a 3-minute seizure and has had a poor time of controlling her bowels for about a week.  Three seizures later (after watching on Skype) and I couldn’t take it: it’s time.  The vets came… she was panting and unable to stand up (despite her best effort to do so)… but still pursuing her 14th lap…

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