So, to quench my boredom in Ridgecrest (California), I took a drive out to Oceanside to visit my Aunt and Uncle (it’s been years!).  I’ll save the “why I think family is important” post for another time, though to go off on that tangent now is very tantalizing.

We were driving back from the beach (taking the coastal scenic route) after engorging ourselves with crab… well, I did at least, I dunno about them… when we happened upon this house:

Oceanside Top Gun House

Anyone recognize this (the above picture was taken circa 1986 – yet another hint…)?!?!  It’s obvious if you were born anytime prior to about 1990!  Click here for a hint if you still don’t get it.  Anyway, I guess things have changed a lot from 1986:

Top Gun House today

It seems that one too many fighter pilots have duped ol’ Charlotte Blackwood (callsign ‘Charlie’ – how original… the RAF must’ve named her…) throughout the years; there’s a pilot-proof fence that now surrounds her property.  Perhaps better luck’s to be had in Key West for the pursuit of Charlie, but somehow I doubt it…

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