So we went to this pub for lunch. As kids always do, about half way through the meal I hear “Dad, I gotta pee…” Ok.  So we get up and I show the kid to the mens room.  At 5 years old, he’s old enough to do his business without any further escort.  He goes in and I start walking back to the table so I can finish my lunch.  Within seconds, I hear the bathroom door open and close again and turn around to see a flash of Brenden running from the mens room into the womens room.  What the hell is going on?!?!

I go back and crack open the womens room door, “Brenden, what are you doing?!  This is the womens room.  You need to use the mens room!”

The kid comes out of the womens room and points to the mens room, “But Dad, that’s the girls room, I don’t want to go in there!”   “What are you talking about?” I say, “there are the toilets where you stand up to pee in there, that is the mens room!”

No it’s not, it’s for girls!  I want to use the boys room!

“Brenden, do you see that symbol of a person on the door?  You see how it does not have a dress?  That is the mens room!”

He’s now starting to hit the agitated stage because he is adamant about not going in there… “No it’s not!!! There’s pictures of girls all over the place!  That is the girls room!!!!

the "girls" room

*Sigh* Got it.  You’ll understand one day, buddy… just use this mens room and don’t worry about it. I’ll go in with you and give you some top-cover/mutual support…

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