Pam signed us up (as well as two other families we’re friends with) for the “Color Run” in London.  It is just a 5k where they have people and snow machines pelt you with powdered chalk as you run through each kilometer marker.  We brought the kids with us, but since I don’t expect a 5 and 3-year-old to run 5 kilometers, we brought the double-kid jogging stroller as well; I suspect it’s the last time we’ll be using it, truth be told.  I was actually looking forward to the challenge of running a 5k weighed down with two kids and a stroller.

Fun it was.  A run it was not.  There were over 10,000 people running this thing, so it was quite crowded.  Plenty of people jogged the first kilometer, but everyone stopped at the first checkpoint (the pink gauntlet) for pictures and a solid pelting.  After that, I would estimate that over 70% of everyone walked the remainder of the race, which made it frustrating for me, who actually wanted some kind of workout from it.  I don’t know if the walking pace was because of the current English “heat wave” of 82°F, or just because 5k’s are short so everyone signs up for it (walkers included).

Color Run

Again, negotiating a huge crowd of people with a stroller is quite difficult, to do it without mowing anyone down is even more difficult;  I accidentally tripped up one dumb broad when she practically veered into the side of the stroller.  She wasn’t too happy about it, but hey, what can you do?

On the initial onslaught of the colored chalk, the kids weren’t too sure how to react… I think they were put off from getting it in their face, but then warmed up to it and started having fun with it.  By the time the race was over, we were thoroughly colored-up.  We let the kids out of the stroller so they could run around and throw the remnants of the chalk powder at each other and us.  I was quite humored when Brenden started trying to dance to the music blaring at the finish line (I think it was that Gangnam Style song).

As we walked back to the car, the race officials were hosing down anybody who dared to get close to them.  I looked down to tell the kids about it and Brenden was nowhere to be found.  I looked back up, and there was  Brenden speeding head-first into the wall of water, giggling like a schoolgirl (well, I guess schoolboy would be more appropriate…)!  Following in her brother’s footsteps, Marissa went to join in on the fun…

Brenden into the waterRissa into the water

… Only she hates showers.  The heat of the moment must’ve got the best of her foresight. As soon as she ran through the water and came out the other end, she was in tears and refused to come back through to join us.  Brenden continued to run in and out of it like a maniac while Pam went to scoop up an irate Marissa on the other side of the waterfall.

Brenden all wetRisWetLuckily Marissa recovers from most of her drama spells relatively fast… ’cause in the end, we had two happy kids on our hands.  And since Chipotle was only 8 miles away, we had a happy Snakeye on our hands as well. And… since Pam found a Sushi take-out place on the way to Chipotle, we had a happy Pam to bring it full-circle.  All we needed now were rainbow-colored shirts to make it look like we had just come from a Gay Pride Parade… wait a minute…

So, some expectation-setting: if you’re looking to break your record time for a 5k, you probably ought not sign up for the Color Run.  But if you want to have a fun time out with the family that entails maybe a little moderate exercise, then do the Color Run.  It made for a fun day.

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