Wow… dormant for a little over a year now. I’ve really kinda let the place go over the past 3 years… I guess that can be what happens when you get busy and time becomes a seriously burdened resource. But that’s also an excuse of sorts too; I know some pretty busy people that can still maintain a blog. So perhaps it just free-fell on my priorities, which is what the true, raw reason would be. With a job/life change staring us in the face, I’m hoping that it will bring a turnaround in this blog. Perhaps it’s time for a Snakesite face-lift to reflect the big life changes. My New Years Resolution will be to blog more… even though there’s not too many people that read this thing anymore.

So what’s this big job and life change?  I’ve been reassigned… and we’re moving to:

Moving to Britain - Snakeye Abbey

Britain for 3 years.

Moving to ItalyWe’ll be there starting in March.  Like our move to Italy were we put out a “Italy moving postcard” (thumbnailed at left), the one I’ve designed for our next move is above (I’m sure Americans probably love it, but Brits will roll their eyes at it).

As I reflect on what I’ve done so far, I realize that this might be it for me and the F-16… forever. In a sense, I’m ok with that. I feel like my time in Italy, encompassing the opportunity to fly, as well as the opportunity to deploy in combat and fly missions for my boys (the ground teams I was a part of from 2006 to 2009), has brought about a bit of a feeling of closure for me. In the past 6 years I’ve learned that I just like flying; civilian flying was just as much fun (albeit, in a different type of way) as pointy-nose jet flying.  So, the opportunity to go to Britain was my first choice, even if it came to putting the F-16 on the sacrificial altar of my career.

The icing on the cake, though, is that I’ll still be getting paid to fly… and I luck out with it still being pointy-nose jet flying.  I grow older in my career and with every passing year, a non-flying, paper-pushing assignment looms closer and closer on the horizon.  I’m sure that’s what I might get tagged with when I leave Britain.  But for now, I plan on enjoying 3 more years of fast-flying and I’ll worry about what’s after that when I get there.  After all, I learned as an ALO in my ground assignment from ’06 to ’09: I will never have a non-flying assignment again.  I’ll either be in an assignment like Italy or Britain where I get paid to fly, or I get a paper-pushing assignment where I pay to fly.  Either way, I’m flying.

Unfortunately, there’s no Snakeye-tradition Red Lobster to celebrate at, but I think we can manage missing it once or twice for the luck of adventures that have found their way to us.  As with Italy, our door will be open to all visitors in Britain… just whatever you do, don’t say “fanny”! Cheers (with a British accent)!

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