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The Snake-site is back for a good cause! Excuses for the decline of this site over the past six months include, but are not limited to: work, kids, priorities, and an overall lack of motivation.

To start, here’s a little family update: We’ve been in Italy for 10 months now… wow, how time flies! We’ve really enjoyed this assignment so far and have gotten to travel a bit. I’ve been keeping up on our travels and family pics via Facebook, so if you’re not my friend you’re S.O.L.

Travis recently left to start deployment #5 and won’t be home until the fall. The kids and I are hanging in just fine. We are in a routine and keeping busy. I like to describe my “deployment mode” like an itchy broken-in hat… it fits okay but will never be comfortable.

Trav was really excited to go on this deployment since he will finally be supporting this mission from a different perspective (aerial as apposed to ground). In the same respect, it’s a nice change of pace for me as well. I am not used to having such a large support group to help see me through the rough times. Which leads into the purpose of this post:

To keep ourselves busy and motivated over the next six months, we have both decided to participate in the squadron’s 555 challenge. What is that you ask? Over the course of the deployment, we will meet the goal of running (and walking) at least 555 miles.

Since six months is a long time and Trav and I often fail in the follow-through department, we are asking for your help to motivate us. A personal fundraising page has been set up with the Wounded Warrior Project. Part of the reason behind our motivation is because this charity carries some personal weight with us. In Travis’ past deployments he has had friends that came back seriously wounded and some that never made it back.

Here is a news clip of one of Trav’s friends that was seriously injured by an IED in Afghanistan.

Not only will this challenge be a personal benefit to our hearts and health, it will also have a direct affect on soldiers like Cory.

You can make a direct donation on our personal page. I am also logging all my runs and walks on this webpage. Please feel free to check up on me as you so desire.

Thank you and I am looking forward to updating you all in six months (and hopefully a few pounds lighter!).

-Pam (and Travis)