Part 2 of the Snakesite overhaul (mentioned here)… With a new chapter opening up in our lives, a facelift for the site is is probably appropriate.  I started conceptualizing the design about 6 months ago, but didn’t actually sit down and start building it until about a month ago.  It’s still unfinished (hence the “beta” version), but I wanted to hurry and get it up so it’ll still somewhat reflect our move to Italy.  Unlike the standard designs I’ve done in the past, the main title portion of the blog is at the bottom and stays there as you scroll (with light animation in the smoke).

Things I’m working on to get it full-up:

  • The sidebar – I can’t stand the one that is currently to the right.  I want to attempt to replace it with something like this.  Obviously, there’s some pretty intense coding that goes along with something advanced like that.  Another thought would be to put the sidebar stuff at the bottom of the site with the bomb, but I’m hard-pressed to think of a way to do that without cluttering the current look.
  • Photo Albums – Add a button on the bottom near the bomb to take you to the photo albums section.  It will most likely look like a sign that seems to be part of the picture.
  • The Comments – Yes they work but again, I don’t like the design of it.  I’ll be trying to condense it a little bit over the next few weeks.

Other than that, I think I’ve got the 85% solution now as you see it.  I think it’s a lot cleaner than the old design while still keeping true to the “Snakeye’s Frag” theme.  The metamorphosis is below.

Snakesite evolution

Please let me know of any suggestions or ideas for improvements as I continue to to work on finalizing Snakesite v4.0…

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