*Preface: No, this isn’t about my soon-to-be-born daughter… she’s still gathering courage to go down the water slide… though this is about something that will help me fend off her parasites in the future…

Glock 19

I’ve been meaning to up my collection of firearms for some time now.  Upon returning from my second deployment with the Army, I was dead-set on getting a handgun.  I researched it while I was deployed and talked to my bro Tony (he probably knows more about guns than anyone else I know… shit, I went to his wedding 6 months ago and he already up’d his collection to something like 30 guns!).  Tony recommended that I get a Glock or Ruger if I was looking in the handgun department.  I was leaning toward the Glocks since I know they offer a military/law enforcement discount.  Well, then I went on my third deployment, followed by my fourth, and the whole gun thing kinda fizzled out.  I mean, it’s not like I go shooting all the time or anything (but when I do, I always wish I had a larger arsenal to play with).  Besides, I can only use the “home protection” excuse so many times before Pam raises the “bullshit” flag.

I guess all it takes is a catalyst…

My parents have been in town to help out with the whole new kid thing.  The day they got in, my Old Man had been touting about the fact that he’d just gotten his concealed-carry permit.  I guess being from Texas and all, this is a big deal; you ain’t shit unless you’re packing heat!  “On Earth, as it is in Texas…”; God bless it!  Anyhoo, he’s been on a beeline to find the perfect concealed weapon to carry.  While out ‘n’ about in Savannah, we happened to pass by a local gun shop.  Like a fat chick to a candy store, we found ourselves throwing our caution to the wind and browsing the wares.

I guess in all my Dad’s research, he found the beckon of the Glock 19, a 9mm sub-compact, to be his poison of choice.  Funny; I was looking at Glocks too back in the day!  Hell, if my Dad will buy one then maybe this is my chance too… it’s not like Pam was right there to dictate otherwise (I’ve found that, in life, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission…).  Of course, to buy a handgun in Georgia you either need to be a Georgia residence or currently in the active duty military – neither of which my Old Man was.  Oh, but why should that stop me?  I’ve made it this far (by walking in the store).

And with the enthusiasm of my Dad, I crossed the threshold of window-shopping to holding and fiddling with a Glock 17.  It came down to the standard-sized 9mm or .45-caliber version.  Since the 9mm ordnance is cheaper and more proliferated than the .45 caliber ordnance, I narrowed it down to the 9mm.  Let’s face it: this is going to be a “get good at shooting fun-gun,” not a home-defense weapon (I already have a shotgun for that – keeping someone in mind (Pam… cough) that’s not too fond of shooting, you can’t miss with one of those).  A “fun gun”?  Honestly though, what good is any handgun if you can’t practice shooting?  A 9mm is perfect for practicing with.

So… I bought it.  But as I was filling out the paperwork, I started to get cold feet: did I really want the full-sized Glock 17 or was the Glock 19 a better compromise?  Hmmm.  At the last minute, I ended up switching to the Glock 19, a more “jack of all trades” gun.  And I guess the icing on the cake for my Old Man: I have to do something with my firearms for the next 3 years… I sure as hell can’t take them to Italy with me.  Having a firearm anywhere in Europe is like farting in church.

The Multi-role Glock 19After the purchase, we went straight home so I could immediately begin damage control and start begging for forgiveness.  Luckily, Pam is pretty forgiving.  After 4 deployments overseas while pounding ground with my Army brethren, I think a handgun on discount is a permissible purchase.  Provided I’m not in the hospital with more important things to take care of, my Dad and I will ops-test it (along with my revolver) at the shooting range this weekend.

On a side note, after I got home from purchasing the Glock 19, I looked it up on the Glock website.  What a coincidence.  It appears this gun was more of a match than I originally thought.  Note the background (above) for the Glock 19 on there website (if you click the picture, it’ll take you to the actual website where you can click on “Glock 19” and see for yourself).  It’s almost a subliminal “welcome back to the F-16”!

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