You know you’ve been in an assignment too long when everyone else (Army guys, in my case) has moved onto bigger and better stuff and you’re the last man standing. 

Well, I think I can finally say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s shining very bright!

I didn’t think I’d find out where I was going until October while I was out in the desert.  I got blindsided by an email today – not a phone call, not a talk… an email.  An email that contained the paperwork that requires my signature for the Air Force to build my orders.  Hot damn!  That means I actually won’t be a career ALO and can possibly consider myself an F-16 pilot again!

A long standing tradition that Pam and I have had ever since dating each other is to go to Red Lobster to celebrate (though lately it was more a talk about the plusses of our next chapter – the news of going to Cannon AFB in New Mexico, or an ALO in Savannah, that consisted more of “it won’t be that bad” style of discussion than it did celebrating).  Regardless, the last time Pam and I ate at Red Lobster was when I was in New Mexico and found out I was going to Savannah with the Army.  This time, Brenden even got a shot at trying lobster, crab and shrimp for the first time!

Celebrating the next chapter at Red Lobster

So with the Red Lobster tradition out of the way:

Italy (Aviano Airbase), here we come for the next 3 years of our lives!  I’ll get back to flying F-16s in Phoenix, Arizona starting mid-January, and be on my way to Italy with the fam by May next year.  The hard work paid off; though it was quite demoralizing getting constantly strung along and fearing I’d never make it back to the F-16, getting my first choice as the end result was well worth the wait.

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