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the SabersReference the good news of my recent reassignment to Italy… but I guess the surprises keep coming.

I got the same sort of surprise back 7 years ago when I just finished Pilot Training down yonder in ‘Sippi.  After I found out I got F-16s, I was sitting in an assignment briefing and completing the paperwork to get my orders.  I clearly remember the detailer telling us that we had to initial where it said we were going to Luke AFB for follow-on training… but nowhere did it say Luke AFB.  Instead, it had some mumbo jumbo about Springfield, Ohio.  What the hell?  Was this a typo?

Only it wasn’t. I soon found out that I was, indeed, going to Ohio to learn to fly F-16s with the Guard.  What made this such a blessing?  First, my parents lived about 10 minutes from that base; second, my serious girlfriend was from Cleveland and it would make seeing each other that much easier (a 3-hour drive as opposed to a 3-hour airline flight to Phoenix). And to this day, that was probably the most fun and motivational flying assignment I’ve had.  Not only was a taste of the Guard a blast, but I also married the woman I loved.

Let’s fast-forward 7 years to the present:

I just put in a request to slide everything a few months to allow me to deploy with the Army as planned.  I already accounted for that in my last post by saying that I was going back to F-16s in January – originally it was October.  I just assumed it would be at the F-16 school house, where half the people I know are, in Phoenix.

But that same typo was present… Springfield, Ohio?!?!  Are you serious?  I’d have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than getting trained by the same guys that trained me 7 years ago!  Granted, my family has since moved from Ohio, but Pam’s family is still only a 3-hour drive away which should prove beneficial with the two kids.

I can’t believe it.  I guess one last hurrah in Ohio is in order before we head to Italy.

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