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Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked to do projects where you can “wow” people with some visual or interactive design that you created.  When I was a kid, drawing tended to fill that void.  Up until I went to college, all my notebooks or class handouts had at least some interesting picture on them.  Once I went to college, I actually had to pay attention in class in order to hold an A or B without bothering myself with the homework, so drawing fell by the wayside.  In fact, I think the last thing that I seriously drew with the intent of creating something was about 7-8 years ago: for our class patch in Pilot Training, I ended up coming up with the concept, the drawing and ultimately the patch.  

UPT Class Patch: Concept and Final

the alternate Class PatchThe point was to play upon the stereotype that pilots tend to be a cocky group of people.  That’s the only design that didn’t get smacked down by the Air Force leadership right away.  Back then (heh, and probably now too), they were so worried about some sexual innuendo in the patch, that they would shut down 99% of the designs if they even thought they may have innuendos in them.  So the design at right in the thumbnail (that didn’t win) was a play on my frustration.  I think it would’ve been hilarious if it did win; I think a lot of guys in my class didn’t want to risk pissing off the leadership with a sarcastic patch based off innuendos (or the lack of), which was that particular patch’s demise.  

Even though drawing seems a rarity for me now, I still find ways to fill my “creative” void that drawing left.  After Pilot Training, I started dabbling in video production and put together a few “roast” videos for dudes that left the Squadron while in New Mexico (in fact, I posted the simplest video I made a while back ago).  I’ve definitely enjoyed doing videos, but since I’ve been in Savannah I just haven’t been struck by anything that’s video-worthy.  Of course I’ll be doing videos of Pam and Brenden, but that’s straight forward and doesn’t require too much creativity.

I started keeping this website when I moved to Savannah to keep in touch with family and friends.  Since then, I’ve gone through 3 different skin iterations using Photoshop (summed up here).  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed “making up” pictures and graphics with Photoshop, some of which I’ve applied to the ol’ Snakesite here.  

Maybe I missed my calling.  I know it’s probably no big surprise that I’m not a big fan of doing my MBA in Grad School; it’s just one of those things that I have to do to get it out of the way and like DFM says, “get that piece of paper.”  Pam’s sister and her husband (Kim and Brad) recommended that I quit the MBA and use the money for something that I actually like and get an Art and Design degree!  That’s actually very enticing… but I’m already halfway done with the MBA so there’s no turning back now.  Besides, don’t you have to be weird to go to some arts school anyway?  Like lip-rings, dyed hair or gay tendencies?

Anyway, my sister recently decided to launch a website showcasing some purses that she makes.  She’s been making the purses for a while (since ’06), but has just kept it word-of-mouth until now.  Since I’ve had more time recently (recently being since I’ve been immobilized), I offered to help her out with the site.  I’ve always wanted to learn Flash (since I own the program but have never used it yet), and designing her website gave me a good excuse to learn Flash.

the designed websiteSO… if you’re wondering why it’s been 2 weeks since my last post, it’s because I’ve been hard at work learning and building artwork with Photoshop, Flash animations from Photoshop and Flash, and setting it all up on her website to something that she can use to sell purses (all while integrating the whole shopping cart thing, which is new to me too).  It definitely took its fair share of time, but I’m real happy with the way everything turned out… and I learned how to use Flash in the process.  Click here (or the thumbnail to the left) to check out my work. Haha, and buy a purse if you feel really motivated!

Perhaps when I move from Savannah, I’ll have to rework the Snakesite to incorporate some Flash too.

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