The economy is down.  Many businesses, like Circuit City, are closing their doors for good.  I guess jobless rates are peaking around 10% or so across the country.  Other companies are barely keeping their heads above water (and even then, it’s with the aid of “governmental water wings”).  Seems like the only way to get by nowadays is to shut down a few plants temporarily and lay off some workers to brave the economic storm.

I’m happy to say that’s not the case everywhere.  It seems like the biotech arena is alive and kicking (literally I guess!)… about a 1½ year ago, I decided to invest in a cellular fabrication factory.  It has been a great investment so far, and I’ve been very pleased with the initial product.  2008 was a good year for production, and it sounds like 2009 is likely to be on par!  I’ve managed to find an advertisement (below) for the new ’09 product along with an upcoming release from the sister-factory up North (hint: read the shirts):

Sister and Brother to be...

Ok, so if you haven’t caught on quite yet: Snakeye the Third is on the way and set for a late November or early December ’09 due-date (5Dec09 is what they told us after the ultrasound). Due around the same time (1Dec09, I think was the last I heard…), Maggie (Brenden’s cousin from Ohio) will also have a sibling to play with.

the flashing grain of riceI couldn’t get all worked up from just seeing the plus sign on the pee-stick, so we’ve been sitting on the news until we could get further proof… and to the right you have it: a piece of rice sporting a 122-beat-per-minute heartbeat.

And to clear up what I know is lingering in the back of your mind: Yes, this was more or less planned (read: we were not trying to not try… if that makes sense). They’ll be about 16 months apart in age. Besides, it makes financial sense to just blast ’em out like a semi-auto machine gun. So I’m happy… I missed Brenden’s first Christmas, but provided everything goes as planned, it’ll be my first Christmas with not one, but two, kids.

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