I’m going to make this my last post considering Trav will be home soon.  Yay! After all, it is Snakeye’s Frag, not Pam’s Posting Place…or something like that.  I’ve enjoyed posting over the past four months but am looking forward to letting Trav take over again.  This is his blog after all, consider me the substitute.

We’ve got a lot of fun things planned once he gets home including some upcoming trips and events.  Trav plans to get back into flying and get me back on the horse (literally, with a long overdue gift of riding lessons).

Since my main topic has been Brenden as of late, I figured I’d throw up one last gratuitous video of him.  This past month he’s grown leaps and bounds. It seems every day he’s doing something new and fun.  Lately it’s been this inhaling squeal, clicking noise, sucking on toes, and chewing on his tongue.  He’s also infatuated with the cat.  I’m thinking one of his first words (or signs) just may be “kitty” if he keeps up the obsession.

For comparison, I threw this video up when he was 8 weeks old, two weeks after Trav had left.

I cannot believe how much he’s changed since then!  I’m really looking forward to seeing Trav’s reaction when he sees him again.  I’m sure he’ll have plenty to say when he gets back.

I’ll also get around to throwing up some new pics in the photo album of the past few weeks including our trip to the ranch.

I may do the occasional post if something earth-shattering happens, but expect to get me exclusively again in August when the next four-monther rears its ugly, inevitable head.  Til then, I bid you a fond “Later!”