I’m in Olney, Texas visiting my in-laws for the next few days.  They are absolutely loving having both their grandsons here (more of that to come in a later post). 

When we were here last summer, we were able to have a Hound reunion for all those stationed at Sheppard AFB an hour away.  Post here.  Since everyone was curious to meet “Snakeye Jr” they came out again to visit yesterday.  Magic and Sarah flew into the Olney airport and offered to take us up for a quick ride… just had to pull out the camcorder and camera to document Brenden’s first “real” flight (I’m not counting the airliner we took to get here).

Brenden was a trouper in the plane… it put him right to sleep.

My father-in-law got to dust off some flying cobwebs.

We buzzed the ranch but the girls didn’t hear us.  Bummer.

Magic and Sarah with two babies on board!

Getting some good baby-practice in.

Wiley and Diesel

…and their corresponding wives (Jocelyn and Melanie).

We maowed on some awesome Lasagna Trav’s mom cooked up while the boys talked flying and the girls talked babies (typical).  Trav even timed his phone call right and was passed around.  It was a good visit and nice to once again see some old friendly faces.  I’m looking forward to the next time we visit with Trav here!

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