Now that I know Trav’s parents received their belated Christmas present, I can post as to what has been keeping me busy (and bleeding) over the past couple months.

I got into stained glass a couple years back when I vocalized an interest in it to my parents.  For Christmas that year, I got a start-up kit.  My first thought, “Oh great, now I HAVE to learn how to do it!”  I had to teach myself since Clovis didn’t offer any classes (surprise, surprise) and needless to say, my learning curve has improved a little since then…  my first few pieces were TERRIBLE!

Since Brenden is still in the “meatloaf” stage, I’m trying to get in as much of this hobby as possible.  Once he becomes more mobile, I’m sure it’ll have to be curtailed.  I don’t think chemicals, lead, and sharp glass are very appropriate to have around a toddler.

For Christmas, my sister Laura requested an OSU suncatcher. (Ignore the smudges)

My mother was a little more complicated with her request.  She wanted a triangular lamp.  It’s obviously not done yet and will become a 35th wedding anniversary present instead.  On the other two sides the leaves will be dark green and light green to represent spring and summer.

I also wanted to make my in-laws a lamp but couldn’t find a good westerny pattern.  A request to Trav to design a good pattern lead to a co-op piece from the two of us. Below are the pattern he designed and picture used as inspiration as well as the finished project.

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