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These past two years have been a roller coaster of emotions for Trav and I.  From constant deployments and saying goodbye to saying hello to our little one.  At times, I’ve let the negatives get the better of me.  The one thing I have really been trying to work on in my life is giving it some perspective.  I think most of us (me included) don’t have enough of that in our lives.

I was feeling a little down the other night missing Trav when JTI and delved into this discussion.  The church sermon today also touched on it which explains why I’m sitting in front of the computer at midnight writing a thesis on it.

Travis has been gone more than 52% of the past two years (he calculated it out).  He has also missed 50% of Brenden’s life so far.  These two thing alone have been a really hard pill to swallow.  Add into that the jerking around the AF has done with us with the “Extending/Not Extending Game,” let me fall into an icky funk.

I guess what I’m saying is that it’s really easy to let life circumstances not-of-your-choosing to send you on a downward spiral of misery and bitterness.  Lately to help me out, I’ve been trying to remember a simple but very loaded word… perspective.

And I can truly say in my life a little perspective = blessed.

What has happened to me that is SO bad that I let it effect my well-being?  Just look at the building blocks of my life and anyone can see how fortunate I am.  A wonderful and dear husband, a healthy happy child, a steady income, good health, loving family, supportive friends, education, a roof over my head, clothes on my back… and on, and on.

It makes me wonder why God has chosen to bless my life circumstances over other people.  What makes me so much more deserving over the person who has had greater hardships than I?  I guess it’s not my place to question it though. All I can do is thank God and pray he continues to bless me and my family as well as help me keep putting it in perspective.