This past weekend, I was able to meet Trav’s sister Chey and her husband John for a road-trip to Illinois to visit the boy’s great-grandmother.  It worked out very well that we were both in the Ohio area so we could carpool together.  What was so special about the trip is that it was the first time the cousins got to meet!  As many of you may know, Brenden and Riley were born one day apart.

The cousins got to know each other (but mostly slept) on the 7+ hour ride while Chey and I shared baby stories and John tended to the road. Remarkably, both babies did extremely well the entire round trip! I think we were all anticipating non-stop screaming and Advil-popping.  Instead they were plenty of smiles and coos to go around.

The welcome committee consisted of Brenden’s great aunt and uncle, cousins, and his great-grandma Tuthill.  Grandma Winslow was also able to make the trip up from Texas.  All were tickled pink to see both boys together.  I took the opportunity to break out the AV department and got some video and tons of pictures to document the occasion.  Here are a few of the best:

The Cousins "Enjoying" some Tummy-time.
The cousins “enjoying” some tummy time…

Getting  to Know Each Other
Getting to know each other…

"How does it taste?  Can I Try?"
How does it taste? Can I try?

Grandma doing Double Duty
Grandma doing “double duty”

Great-Grandma and Brenden
Great-Grandma and Brenden

"So, who do I call Grandma?"
“So who do I call Grandma?”

Thanks for the Wonderful Visit!
Thanks for the wonderful visit!

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