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Brenden at DestinI’ve been gone the past week for an Air Force TDY to Hurlburt Field in Florida.  Since I’m sitting at T-8 days until I go back to my overseas vacation home for a few months, I decided to load Pam and the kid up into the car and whisk them to Florida with me.  It ended up being more vacation than work (which is exactly what I need prior to leaving overseas) because the Air Force put us up right on the beach at a Ramada – only a hop, skip and jump away from the ultra-white beaches of Destin.

I had to participate in a few Squadron functions (I was out there for business after all), but I also got to spend the early afternoons with Pam and Brenden exploring the beaches and enjoying the setting.  Brenden handled the trip down and back (about 7-8 hours one way) like a champ, keeping the screaming and crying to a bare minimum.  Man, that car seat works better than feeding him a little alcohol!  (Kidding of course, but we’re quickly learning that the car seat is extremely efficient at putting him to sleep).

We tried taking advantage of meeting the friends that we have in the area… unfortunately Dubs was working and Sloppy was down in Miami, but we were able to stay the night and catch up with Skeet and Carey.  It was good talking to Skeet, because not only did I get to catch up with him, but he also gave me a little more insight to what’s going on for pilots and in the F-16; if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s been a bitch for me trying to get back into the cockpit and apparently it’s not only me that’s been singled out.  There seems to be huge problems Air Force wide for F-16 guys.  So it was nice to get it first hand since my job, by nature, keeps me out of the Air Force info stream.

Carey, Skeet & the man stew

Being this close to being kicked out the door again, I honestly would’ve preferred to stay home and just enjoy it.  But hey, one last hurrah with the family to a vacation setting is ok too!

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