We’ve had more company flow through Savannah in the past couple of weeks than we’ve had in the past year.  It’s been nice: both Pam’s and my parents have been out to lend a helping hand with Brenden, and we’ve had friends swing through to throw back a beer and do some catching up with.

It’s been nice to have family come out to help out with Brenden.  I’m sure the incentive is two-fold: Pam and I get a chance to pawn him off for a little bit, and the grandparents get a chance to play with him, get used to him and know his personality.

Pam's ParentsSnakeye's Parents

Not only that, but we’ve had friends come out while our parents were visiting.  The “Derby’s” with Pam’s parents and my old buddy “Stiffler” with my parents.

The Derbys
I met Derby at my last assignment, and Pam and his wife clicked instantly as well.  It was nice to talk Air Force and catch up with what’s going on.  It’s not too often I get to do that nowadays simply because my job entails being around Army Huah’s non-stop.

Stiffler (aka, Kevin) is one of my buddies that go waaay back.  I think I met him when I was 14 or so, and the rest is history.  We hung out throughout high school (though we went to completely different high schools) and have kept in touch consistently ever since.  I’m sure there’s more than a few stories he can embarrass me with, as well as a few stories I can embarrass him with.  It was great catching up with him.

Thanks for swinging by all.

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