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BIRTHCON  4Pam at 36 weeksWe have about 4 more weeks until the “planned” arrival of young Snakeye, Jr… and don’t ask, we still have no clue what the name will be.  Maybe I oughta just name him “Boss” or “Chief.”  That’d make it really easy for me.  Anyway, we found out at an appointment yesterday that Pam was dilated ½ cm.  To the happily ignorant (like me), that really means jack and shit (where’d Jack go?…) in terms of narrowing down the birth-window.  It does let us know that everything is progressing though, because it signifies that the kid is starting to position himself to go down the human waterslide soon.  Apparently the magic number is 4 cm: once Pam hits that one, both parties (Pam and the kid) are in for the ride of their lives, while I’ll be concentrating hard on not looking uncomfortable by her side.  So really, I guess ½ cm is kinda like thunder in the distance.  We don’t know when the storm is coming, but we know it will be soon!  With that, the household has moved from BirthCon 5 to BirthCon 4: normal readiness with strengthened measures – the hospital overnight bag has been packed.

On another note, Pam’s had the summer off with a lot of time on her hands.  I guess that “nesting instinct” women can get is for real.  She’s been going nuts with craft-stores, online searching and ideas to create some semblance of a nursery for the kid.  Since the Air Force has been playing the “extending” game lately and we’re going to be here longer than we planned, nest away! 

Decorating is Pam’s gig… if it were up to me, I’d just as soon put newspaper down over one of the dog beds and call it good.  So Pam’s set up camp in the nursery (formerly known as the guest bedroom – don’t worry, any visitors are likely to get the Master Bedroom, banishing Pam and me to the nursery for a sleepless night).  I think Pam gets frustrated with me when she asks what I think of this or that and my response is “yes.”  So she has kinda quit asking me and just keeps me in the loop with what she’s doing: good enough for me!  Last weekend I took a day to assemble all of the baby furniture we bought and put it in the room for Pam to arrange.  Other than that, every once in a while I’ll be summoned to move a picture or hang something from the ceiling.  And since we’re in this house for a little while, I gave Pam the thumbs-up to paint the room if she wants (as long as it’s a “sellable” color when it comes time to put it on the market).  The only caveat is that she’s doing it herself; I have a slew of TDYs that I’ll be gone for, right up until the birth date (although I’m calling “uncle” a week prior to the due-date to ensure I’m around).

Other than the paint, Pam has the nursery complete.  Even though I haven’t been the best opinion-giver throughout the process, I did tell her that I think it looks really good when she showed me the finished product (again, minus any painting).  The panorama of it is below (click for the larger-than-your-screen version).

The nursery

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