Really the catch phrase is “Hounds of Heaven,” the old Squadron I was in (which I’ve been known to say “Dogs of Heaven” once or twice in a drunken stupor).  But as anyone from Texas (God bless it!) knows, nothing comes closer to perfection than Texas.  *cough* Anyway, so to all my Hound bro’s in Texas, I guess “Hounds of Heaven” and “Hounds of Texas” are synonymous.  On Earth as it is in Texas *cough*…

Now that I’ve explained the title of the post a little, I finished off the last half of my vacation at my parent’s ranch in Texas.  Not only was it my first time checking out their ranch, it was also the first time I’d seen my sister and her husband since their wedding 3+ years ago!  It was nice to have the entire immediate family under one roof for a while!

The family photo

I’m really not gonna go into details about life on the ranch too much, because both my parents and my sister covered that topic here, here, and here with all the same pictures I have access to.  The week was filled with a little woodworking, shooting (shotguns and handguns), fishing, horseback riding and everything else that you can do in the wild, wild West.  I will take a moment to highlight one thing though: it seems as though the gayhounds met their match… like chasing a rabbit at the track, my parent’s donkey seemed to chase them down whenever they were in the coral.  After getting kicked a few times, the dogs realized it was probably a good idea to run away.  I’ve included a time-progression collage of the “jackassery” – at least you’ll notice the SA of the dogs increasing as time goes on.

Jackassery in the purest form

The nice thing about my parent’s ranch is it’s near Wichita Falls, where there’s a UPT base that a few of my bros are at.  A few phone calls later, and we had a hoedown on our hands!  Everyone that I knew ended up meeting at the ranch for some good beer, good smoked BBQ and good catching-up.  I realized that a group picture was in order, but unfortunately took it after the sun went down.  Since flash photography can kinda suck (I don’t like the look of the artificial lighting), I instead took the shot old West style: freeze the pose for a few seconds while the camera does its work… at least it wasn’t minutes like it was in the 1800’s of the “real” old West.  By the fourth take, I think most everyone remained still. All in all, everyone was doing well and seemed to enjoy the lifestyle.  It was a blast.

The Hoedown!

Hounds of Texas!!!

Diesel & Mel Slay & daughter Magic & Sarah with Shelby Sammy & Kristin Wiley & Jocelyn

And last but not least, as we made our way back to Savannah we got to drop in on one more old Hound down yonder in ‘Sippi: Rexxx and Jenny!  Thanks for putting us up! 

The Babbling Brooks

All in all between Ohio, my Grandma’s, Texas and Rexxx’s in ‘Sippi, this was one of the more relaxing vacations I’ve had in a while.

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