Like Pam and the strange things that happen to her, Morgan (our spunky greyhound) always seems to get herself into some predicament that usually ends in a trip to the vet.

Morgan, the Bull TerrierIn Clovis, she broke her toe after a ten-minute rabbit chase… how do I know?  Because she left a blood trail in the snow everywhere she walked.  You would never have guessed it though, because she wasn’t limping or whining… she just had an extremely crooked and bloody toe.  Then there was that time I took her out shooting with me and Astro… I think she mistook the gunshot as the starting shot of a race or something.  Upon hearing it, she took off running like a bat out of hell… only to run full-speed into a barbed-wire fence.  I didn’t realize anything serious had happened until, when I finally got her over by me, there was at least a pint of blood cupped between her neck and collar.  Fortunately, the puncture from the barbed-wire didn’t go too deep or hit a major artery (or so the vet told us).

Anyway, today I kicked the dogs outside for a bit while I ran to Lowe’s to get more oak for my nightstand project.  I was only gone for about an hour.  When I got home, I dropped the wood off in the garage and went to let the dogs in.  I was surprised to see a greyhound (Merlin) and an oversized Bull Terrier that looked strikingly like Morgan.  After a quick photo, I (once again) rushed her to the vet.  They seem to think it was a bee sting on her snout or something.  Like all the other emergency vet visits, I’m sure Morgan will somehow come out smelling like roses (unlike my wallet)… only to cause trouble or get into some predicament on a later day.  Oh well, at least she’s not gay like Merlin…

To the right is the quick photo I took before I rushed her to the vet.  If you mouse over it, I included a picture of what she normally looks like (without the Bull Terrier-type snout).

UPDATE: After a few hours at the vet and a few shots in her mouth, we got her back. Looks like Morgan “escaped fate” once again. She’s currently doing (and looking) much better and on oral medication for a little bit.

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  • Pam

    Correction: She didn’t break her toe, she nearly cut it off by slicing through the webbing between her toes. She also managed to (not as badly) mangle her three other feet in the barbed wired and sported pink casts for a couple weeks. My poor Morgan, always looking hurt and pathetic.
    I hate when Trav starts a phone conversation with “Hey, I’m at the vet….”

  • Trav’s Mom

    POOR BABY!!!! She makes me hurt just looking at her puss!! Her eyes look pained also. I wonder if it was multiple bites!! Maybe she got near a hive!!! She’s pretty swollen – too much for a single bite! Since our lessors moved from ‘the ranch’, their Australian Shepherd has been rattlesnake bit in the face TWICE! Our Sam is in process of getting vaccinated against rattlesnakes!

  • Jenny

    lovely…poor thing. what are they doing to treat it?

  • Poor doggie. Glad to see your boning up on your parenting skills. You know, third trip to the ER and they call family services. Or so I’ve heard. I may have to call PETA on you!

  • Jenny, they gave her like 3 shots (steriods, anit-histemine(?))… anyway, life’s back to normal for her. Susannah, looks like you can hold off on the PETA call until the next predicament! There’s no proof anymore… what bee?

  • Kim

    Pam, you and your dog have matching faces!

  • Morgan’s like a cat.. only 5 lives left!

  • jti

    That is the funniest picture I have seen in a long time – HILARIOUS !!! I am sitting at my desk at work laughing out loud !!! The look of resignation in her eyes, mixed with horror, is PRICELESS !!!

  • Did you ever figure out what Morgan got into? Wasps? Spiders?

  • Pam

    I think it’s a wasp; but to answer the question: no, don’t know for sure.

  • Corina

    Hey have not been keeping up on your blog, but I do understand the trips to the Vet. My greyhound is always getting hurt. A month ago she was bit by a brown recluse spider, she is healing fine, caught it in time. Now she sliced her paw, but I am trying not to go to the vet. It is looking ok for now. It seems every year I take her to the vet for some thing atleast twice a year, other than normal shots.

  • Amber

    Leave it to the Winslow bunch to crack me up even in the middle of a stressful day. I am sitting in my office laughing out loud at poor Morgan. I’m glad she is okay.