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My big 3-0 is coming next week. I decided to post about it now because later next week I’m hoping Trav will be back to do the blogging. We should have bigger, more important things to post about then anyways.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past 10 years and how much my life has changed in that amount of time. Instead of writing a sappy, reflective post I’ve decided to break it down into numbers to get a different perspective. So numerically speaking, here is how my life has changed in 10 years:

  • 15 roommates (17 if you include Lisa and JTI, thanks for the crash pad!)
  • 5 cars: 2 junked, 1 towed to junkyard in Flagstaff, 2 still owned by bank
  • 15 nights in a row spent going out (a personal record and yes, it was during college)
  • 45% time being married
  • 5% time being preggo
  • 2 colleges attended; 2 degrees earned
  • 4 jobs held (I won’t count the 5 waitressing jobs I just stopped showing up for)
  • 40% time spent in school
  • 60% time spent working to pay off $$ spent for school
  • 38 the age I will be once my student loans are all paid off (eek)
  • 3 states lived in
  • 1 cow town lived in
  • 8 number of residences resided in
  • 2 strange neurological syndromes diagnosed
  • 6 times a bridesmaid; 1 time a bride
  • 5 new in-laws gained
  • 1 new niece (1 new nephew on the way)
  • and finally: 1 new little Snakeye or Pamcakes on the way!

Okay, time for the nostalgic part.  Here is a pictorial timeline to highlight some more memorable times and events over the past decade:

July 1998: 20 years. First time meeting Trav at The Basement in The Flats. See post about my old stomping grounds here.

November, 1998: 20 years.  Freshman roommates reunited.  Proud to say I am still good friends with all four.  Alysia (Big Gay Al): now married to Mark (“Magnum”-Trav’s pilot training roommate) and currently stationed in Phoenix.  Me.  Kelly: went to high school with Trav and introduced us.  Kara: living the hippie lifestyle in a homemade Earthship with her husband and baby.


1998-2001: 20-23 years. We’ll call this The Pre-Travis Era.

January 1, 2002: The stroke of midnight. Our first kiss. Cheesy I know, but still an important milestone.

October 10, 2002: 24 Years. Trav’s Assignment Night. The night that sealed my fate that I would probably marry him (even with that goofy grin on his face).


May, 2003: 25 Years. Grad School Graduation. Should have actually been May 2002 if I wouldn’t have forgotten to apply for graduation. Oops.


July 4, 2003: 25 Years. Trav actually caught me off-guard with this proposal considering I already had the hall booked and the wedding dress bought!


November 8, 2003: 25 Years. Wedding Day.


February 2004- September 2006: 25-28 Years. Cannon AFB, Clovis NM.


April 2006: 27 Years. Pirate Party. Just an example of one of many fun times with the Hounds.


July 2006: 27 Years. Bike trip up California coast. One of many exiting vacations we’ve taken.


November 2006-Present: Savannah, GA.

November 2007: 29 Years. Our Current Family.


Maybe in another 10 years, Trav will still have this blog and I can once again post about all the crazy and fun things that happened in my 30’s. If things are half as good to me then as they are know, I doubt I’ll be refering to them as “My Great Depression!”

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