I know it’s a pretty random combination but both have been on my mind today so I figured I’d combine them into one post.  As for topic #1:  Trav and I had been mulling over the idea of replacing the heinous laminate countertops in our kitchen for months.  Before Christmas (and pre-baby finance plan), we finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it.  We didn’t want to do ugly plain laminate again and granite was too expensive so the compromise was a faux-granite laminate.  Unless you’re blind or really stupid you can tell it’s laminate however, it still looks pretty damn good.  The installer came yesterday and completed the job while I was at work. Mouse over the old to see the new.

So onto topic #2: German food.  The past few days I’ve been slowly getting an appetite back. This morning I was watching one of my favorite cable TV personalities Anthony Bourdain from Travel Channel’s No Reservations (not to be surpassed by Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs though).  He was in Berlin sampling all the local cuisine and it brought back fond memories of our trip there this summer with Tonica and Limey.  The entire time we were in Germany I did not have one bad or even average meal. They we SO good, I felt inclined to visually document some of the best (I personally like Trav biting the wiener most):

biting-the-weiner.jpg schnitzel.jpg sauerbraten-i-think.jpg

Needless to say, I think the nausea is now being replaced by cravings.  So I made a trip to the Post Commissary this afternoon (which now has the best selection in town after our favorite Deutscher Metzger closed shop with no warning) to pick up some German supplies including knödel, schnitzel, and Kühne vinegar dressing.  I guess there’s no better way to break in new counters than to cook a great meal on them.  Maybe if Trav’s lucky, the commissary will carry some of his favorite Neurenberger sausages again and I’ll make him a good welcome home meal on those lovely new countertops.

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