The following dialog occurred the other day during a therapy session with third graders:

Boy: I got a new grill?

Me: Oh yeah, did you cook on it yet?

Boy: No? (hesitates)

Boy: You wanna see? (pulls out a jewelry box from pocket and opens it to show off his flashy gold teef)

Boy: I got ’em in Atlanta this weekend.

Me: (silent and dumbfounded)

Girl: (unfazed) Did you get them at the flea market?

Boy: Yeah!

Girl: My dad bought his at the flea market but they didn’t fit him.

Me: Go show Ms. S what you got (directing him to the other SLP I share the room with).

Boy: (from the other side of the room) Look what I got in Atlanta!

Ms. S: My Goodness! (pause) Have those been in your mouth?!

Boy: Yeah.

Ms. S: Then don’t put them in my hand!!

Me: (snorting uncontrollably as I’m trying not to lose it)


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