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Once again, I’m embarking on a 4-month vacation to the beach (with no water) overseas.  I’ll be handing the website over to Pam to do the primary posting until I return.  I will try to fill-in as much as I can over there.  I expect to keep busy with duty, grad school and running/working out, though.  I’m sure Pam would love, if anyone is out this way, for as much company as possible while I’m gone.  It can get lonely without a real support group.

A kid at 6 weeksThat being said, there will be many things to look forward to when I get back.  For one, Pam seems to be recovering from her Bell’s Palsy that she has… she can now somewhat move her left cheek and blink her left eye (she no longer needs to tape it shut at night)!  By the time I return, she should be fully recovered.  Also, I’ll be 4 credits done with grad school: 4 down, 32 more to go.  Sheesh.

Last, but certainly not least, I got the privilege today of going with Pam to get her first ultrasound.  It still hasn’t quite hit me that she’s pregnant.  Nothing has really changed except that Pam doesn’t drink anymore and is tired or nauseated all the time.  Today, I saw the first proof (other than the plus-sign on the pee-stick) that there is, in fact, something growing inside her.  To the right is the little Snakeye/Pamcakes.  The official date is set for 26Aug08.  By the time I get back, that little grain of flashing rice will actually have arms, legs, a head, and a possible 5th appendage between the legs.  We’ll be scheduling that ultrasound upon my return.  The nice thing about this ground-pounding job is that my “boys” aren’t subject to pulling 9 Gs or getting nuked by radar side-lobes.  The urban legend says that all fighter pilots get girls because of this (and probably in-part because of God’s revenge to all the tail-chasing before you get married).  Maybe, due to this job, I upped the shot of a little Snakeye!  All joking aside though, Pam and I will be stoked, regardless of sex, as long as “it” is healthy.  The way I see it, boys are a handful from birth to ~15 years and then get relatively easy to handle, and girls are relatively easy to handle from birth to ~15 years and then your life turns into a living hell.  So either way, we’ll be in for a handful at some point.

So with that, I’ll catch everyone on the flip-side.

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