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Ah, Christmas… a magical time where families reunite and gifts are given in remembrance of God’s gift given to mankind.  Pam and I have much to be thankful.  This will be the first Christmas we spent together in our (semi) new home.  My parents, having just relocated to Texas, decided to drive out and spend it with us (my sister and I worked out a deal where they’d spend Christmas with us, and then head out their way for New Years in Phoenix).

The cat's out of the bag...By the time Christmas Eve rolled around, we had way more gifts under the tree than I expected.  It’s been a pain trying to keep the dogs from sniffing around the presents, as there were even a few treats wrapped up for them.  In fact, Morgan (the feisty dog) managed to unwrap one of them while I was at work a few days ago.  At least the cat hasn’t figured it out yet; she just likes to sit under the tree like all cats do.

The gifts ranged from a little of the expected to some big surprises.  Among mine was a #80 “Kellen Winslow” Cleveland Browns jersey and a Garmin GPS watch (to track running courses, speeds and distances).  Pam got to cross a Cappuccino machine off her list, as well as coffee grinder to match it.  My parents received a lot of Western paraphernalia to match the decor of their new Texas ranch.  Those were some of the more expected gifts.

The big surprises, on the other hand, were exactly that: BIG surprises!  My parents found out that they were going to be grandparents… twice over.  Though Pam and I have known (for about two weeks now) that there’s gonna be a mini-Snakeye or Pam running around next year, we also were surprised to find out we were going to be an aunt and uncle for my sister who is also pregnant!  It gets even better: unbeknownst to all until yesterday, the due dates of Chey (my sister) and Pam are within two weeks of each other!  Pam and I gave Pam’s family a call, and I think they were rather surprised too.  I think it took the news a minute or so to register with them.  (Hell, it still hasn’t fully registered with me yet!)

Grandparents at last

With presents like that, this Christmas will be one of those that will be remembered.  So I guess it’s finally time for me to act a little older than 21 and get ready for fatherhood and unclehood (though, I’ve already got the uncle-side of things nailed down through Pam’s oldest sister).  So here’s to a memorable Christmas.  I hope all those that keep up-to-date with this site have a Merry Christmas, filled with a little of the expected and a little of the unexpected as well.

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