This weekend one of my buddies from college, Johnny Ballgame, was in the area (if you want to call a 5-hour drive “in the area”) and decided to swing out and visit.  It was a blast seeing him.  Johnny Ballgame appropriately earned his name because he passionately follows every sport there is… and knows everything about it.  In fact, I’d be willing to bet that he could answer every Aflac trivia question out there correctly.  Not only that, but he’s one of those dudes that’s just innately good and competitive at any sport he plays.  Anyway, with his expert advice, I officially entered Astro’s College Bowl Pool with the win predictions.  I’m jealous because Ballgame already secured tickets to Fort Worth to go see Air Force play California on New Year’s Eve.  I wish I could go.

On Saturday, Pam, Ballgame and I drove 2 hours up to Charleston to visit another college buddy, Doug.  The ensuing night ended up being a bender.  Moreover, another college buddy ended up being in Charleston for the night as well, so we met up with Masuda.  What a blast!  We hit up a local bar and it was almost a mini-reunion.  Four dudes that were on the skydiving team together in the same place to catch up and booze… and a few other good friends as well, like a buddy that was in my Physics major with me at the Academy. 

Doug and his bros sure know how to show a good time: that night we caught a glimpse of the life of a rockstar.  Everyone knew Doug and his crew and we got VIP treatment at the bar for a VIP price: a $400+ bar tab that came out to $60 all said and done.  That bar staff was awesome!  The environment was target-rich full of chicks that knew Doug, and all the single guys were on the prowl.  Pam and I were the only married couple out of the bunch!

A Band of Brothers

From left to right: Me, Johnny Ballgame (jumpteam bro), Dennis (Physics bro), “Do It All” Doug (roommate and jumpteam bro), and Masuda (jumpteam bro).

Again, the night was a blast.  I can’t tell you how great it was to let my hair down a little with bros that (in some cases) I haven’t seen since I graduated in 2001.  That being said, on the drive back to Savannah today with the company of Pam and a hangover, I got a little reflective.  That kind of lifestyle is definitely fun for a night.  Hell, I lived like a rockstar and had my fun back in pilot training before Pam and I dated.  I can honestly say, though, I don’t miss it at this point in my life.  I get more enjoyment sitting at home with Pam and friends having a few brewskis, working on some sort of hobby, or even walking the dogs on a nice evening.  I like where I am in life.  I don’t regret my rockstar life from ’00 to ’03, but it’s definitely not for me anymore.

With that glimpse last night, it doesn’t bother me if the beast has been tamed.  It almost seems as though everyone’s changed (at least a little) since graduation, but in all reality I’m probably the one that’s changed the most since I’m now married.  I don’t mind that.  If you think about it, the more things change though, the more they stay the same.  It was still a blast re-living the past hanging out with my bros… and some have changed a little, and some a lot… but they are all still the same dudes I knew back then, and I hope the same goes for me.

I can’t wait until the next reunion.  If not an unofficial one like last night, at least it’ll be the official one in about 4 years from now (for the 10-year Class of ’01 reunion).  Hells yeah!

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