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I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.  I thought, for sure, a Physics major would have burned me out for a long, long time.  And it did for a while.  Maybe the jackassery of SOS online is what got me motivated… not the fact that I actually learned something extremely valuable from it (because I really didn’t), but if I’m going to put forth the effort, I’d rather get something that will actually quench my thirst for knowledge in something that I want to know.  So now my mind is starting to look toward Grad School.

My only option, due to my circumstances, is to do a graduate course online.  I would really like to continue on in Astrophysics (not because I want to do something with it career-wise, but because it interests the hell outta me), but there is no way I can pull that off online… moreover, I don’t even think any place offers it online.  Besides, I’ve been out of the Math loop for 6 years… I’d need at least a semester’s crash course in advanced calculus before I’d feel comfortable pursuing a graduate degree in Physics, in-residence or online.  So table that one until later.

So with that, my other interest from the past year or so, is to get an MBA.  Not only may it enlighten me on the stock market (which I’ve been researching and getting smart on for the past year), but hopefully it will give me an insight on “business” in general.

One of the options I want to keep open for whenever I decide to get out of the military is that of opening up my own business.  Be it a Brew-pub, a franchise (Chipotle or Firehouse Subs comes to mind initially – and I would invest in both, but Chipotle is way too overpriced at this point and Firehouse Subs hasn’t gone public yet), or some other thought-up idea, I’m sure an MBA can only help me out.  So perhaps putting in effort to do this online would definitely help me.

I have my reservations… because the last thing I want to do (being a techy guy) is to take tests on Dickhead’s Ladder and memorize his 6 Rungs of Success or whatever it is (by the way, which is all really common sense, but Dickhead came along and decided to put some stupid, official names to it)…  I really don’t know if that’s in store for me, but from the example lectures and material on my researched school of choice, it doesn’t seem to be.

So, I’ve bitten the bullet.  I’ve already started the application process to a school that is both accredited and ranks among the top 20% of online business schools.  Hopefully I’ll get admitted, because I haven’t taken either the GMAT or GRE… and I need 8 years in the “real” world and a prior 3.0 GPA to waive it.  The 3.0 GPA I meet, the 8 years in the “real” world I don’t meet: I have only 6 years in the “real” world since I’ve graduated college… but I was told they would make an exception for me based on my merits.  So the college I’ve applied to?

Colorado State University

Colorado State University, here I come (well, not literally, but online… hopefully… I haven’t been admitted just yet).  I’m sure it’s gonna be a suckfest, especially with the time-crunch it’s gonna offer me, but hopefully it will be well worth it 2 years, 36 credit-hours, and $11,000 later.  Luckily, the Air Force is going to foot $9000 of the bill (to total it out to $20k).  At least I can pay per semester, so they can just nickel and dime the hell outta me.

It’s funny, because Colorado State is a huge rival of the Air Force Academy in college football.  I’ll maintain an allegiance to Colorado State, if I get accepted… but I will always root for the Air Force when it comes to college football, hands down.  So here’s to kicking myself in the nuts for the next two years (time-wise)… hopefully it’ll be something that I can get a lot out of.

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