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A week or two ago, I decided to apply to Colorado State online for their graduate program in Business.  When I found out about the program (from my investigations), there were only three days until admissions close-out.  That’s not too much time to get transcripts sent, write a page on why you should be admitted, and get recommendations to get a GRE/GMAT waiver (since I’ve never taken either of those tests).  Well, thanks to Colorado State for giving me an extra week to get everything in and to those that filled out my recommendations in a speedy manner, my application was complete in time for admissions consideration.

I won’t find out whether or not I got admitted for another week or two.  But I did find out the other day that my GRE/GMAT waiver was approved:

Your application to the Distance MBA program for Spring 2008 is complete and has been reviewed in the College of Business.  The GMAT waiver has been approved.  You are being recommended for admission to the Graduate School. The final admission decision will be made in the next two weeks.  You will receive an official notice of the admission decision in the mail.

So the way I see it, if I was good enough to get the waiver to apply without taking either test, then I’ve probably made the cut to get into the school.  In my opinion, I’m in.  Now I just have to wait until I get the official notification.  Then it’s registering for classes and somehow getting the books that I’ll need for them.  That’s going to be tough seeing as I have another trip to the beach (the one overseas with no water around it) rather soon.

I’m looking forward to it though… just a little apprehensive hoping that I didn’t bite off more than I can chew.  But I know a lot of people who have completed graduate degrees while doing their job in the military or being deployed.  At least I get the comfort knowing that if they can do it, I can too.  So this time, I can say with pretty good certainty, Colorado State here I come.  Let the kicks in the crotch commence.

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