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Anyone who knows Pam is at least a little familiar with the weird problems she’s plagued with.  Such as in Clovis, she would get these migraine headaches.  Only they just weren’t headaches, they would make half her body go numb.  At one point, it scared me when I took her to the hospital for it because I thought she was having a stroke (it had gotten bad enough that she had started talking gibberish and not making sense).  Anyway, another moment in Pam-history happened today.

I was in Macon (about 2 hours from Savannah) taking my last SOS-online test (which I passed, by the way – thank God that’s behind me and over with!), and on the way home I get a call from Pam saying she can’t close her left eye.  She had been having neck pains the day prior; we just assumed she slept on it wrong.  Now she’s telling me that she has absolutely no motor coordination on the left side of her face!  “Oh shit, here we go again” I thought.

She took off early from work to go to the hospital.  After a 3-hour stay in the emergency room, she was diagnosed with “Bell’s Palsy.”  What the hell is that?!?!  Upon a little research, here’s what I found out:

In no way is it related to migraines (phew!).  It’s actually caused from trauma (swelling?) of a nerve, where it paralyzes half your face.  Luckily it is not permanent, as it usually goes away after a week or two of medication.  I say usually because sometimes it doesn’t, but more on that in a little bit.  Apparently it only affects 0.02% of the population… way to go Pam!  What a freakin’ weird disease… leave it to Pam to get it!

Above is a picture of Pam smiling when she came home today… note her left side (so that’s the right side of the picture) is pretty much unmoved compared to her right side (easily seen in the smile, the wrinkles in the forehead, and the orientation of the eyeballs).  Hell, we went out to dinner tonight and it was weird because whenever she would blink, only her “good” eye would blink with the other eyelid unmoving.  I guess on the positive side, she’s just winking at me.

So now to the ironic part: part of Pam’s job as a speech therapist is to work with patients that take longer to, or never fully, recover from this problem.  I honestly think Pam’s out of the woods, because her case isn’t nearly as bad as the ones I looked up on the internet.  But again, it’s ironic that she works with and treats people that suffer from this disease.  On the bright side, at least Pam will be able to give therapy to herself!

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