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Wow!  Looking back, 2007 has been quite a year.  If I recall 2006 wasn’t that much fun at all (for Pam and I anyway), so 2007 has been a breath of semi-fresh air.  Pam and I entered 2007 doing our traditional visit to Lisa and John’s for the New Year, after being in limbo (moving and job-wise) for 3 months!  Within the first week of 2007, we finally secured a home in Savannah, GA.  At that time, I also thought this ALO job, that I now have, was going to give me a break for a little bit.  Boy was I wrong!!!

Three months after we moved in, I was off to Iraq for a fun-filled 3-month deployment… and when I was “home,” I was gone elsewhere, TDY, for over 50% of the time in 2007.  Sheesh!  If anything, 2007 has given me a huge appreciation for the Air Force: the quality of life, the friends, and the community.  I’ve also learned that, if you’re not an Army guy, working with the Army can be extremely frustrating… and continues to be so.  I really can’t wait until I can go back to “blue” and get into an F-16 a year from now.

On the plus side, this job has also been what I needed.  It’s funny because an ALO isn’t exactly what a pilot wants to be.  That attitude is reflected in a lot of the ALOs in the Air Force.  If you just come into a not-so-desirable job with a good attitude and try to get the business done, it can work wonders.  That’s been reflected in my performance reports and other awards.  In this job, it’s been a nice feeling knowing that your hard work is noticed.

2007 also brought great travel opportunities to hook up with family and friends.  I got to experience 2 trips to Europe.  One was job-related, and one was pure fun visiting Limey and his family with Pam.  What a blast!  That was shortly followed by Pam’s family reunion with Pam’s Grandma as the guest of honor.  We also made sure we got our money’s worth out of the Harley and rode that up to see Derby and his family.  It looks like the 4-year anniversary cruise Pam and I took (where we spent the night with Tru and his family) closed out the vacations for the year.

Lastly, in the final quarter of 2007 I’ve got to watch a very volatile college football season.  A lot of upsets and underdog wins.  Hopefully this season, since LSU has been getting all the publicity, Ohio State can pull out the big “W” (unlike last season where Florida completely put Ohio State to shame).  Also, let’s hope Air Force ends their surprising season with an underdog win against the California “Golden Showers.”  Calhoun’s done that team right.  I can’t wait to see their Bowl game on New Year’s Eve and keep up with their ’08 season!

So in less than a week, 2007 will have passed and will never come back.  It’s been busy for both Pam and I… very busy. The end of this year has set the stage for 2008: Grad School for me at Colorado State (online) while in Iraq and being gone 50% of the time (yes, I found out today that I was officially accepted), and a 9-month epic battle for Pam to pop out a young Snakeye or Pam with grace.  Oh yeah, and 1 more year with Army frustrations…

2007 has been great. But I think 2008 will even be better… and busier.

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