Ah, that time of the year where you have an engorging dinner and endless leftovers to keep you company while you watch college football for 3 days straight.  I’ll miss it.  Pam and I are going on a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas over Thanksgiving to belatedly celebrate our 4-year anniversary.  We’ll be back home on Sunday.

On our way to Cape Canaveral, Pam noticed that Satellite Beach was a 15-minute drive and thought that some of our old friends from Cannon AFB had moved there.  To be sure, we gave them a call.  Sure enough, Tru and his family had a house at Satellite Beach and were celebrating Thanksgiving tonight, and invited us over for the night!

In a sense, we’re still celebrating Thanksgiving in the way it was meant to be: with family and friends.  Thanks to Tru and Bobbie for the meal!  It was good catching up with them, just like old times.  The airlines seem to be treating them just fine.

Thanksgiving with the Tru's

So Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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