AF sticks it to Notre DameIt’s been a hectic 4 weeks.  Toward the end of my two “home” weeks that I had in October, it was mayhem… mainly consumed by the Army dining out (which only the official “Air Force Ball” at Wright-Patt AFB touched) and a missed trip to Minneapolis (for Wiley’s wedding) where I lost about $300 for a plane ticket.  My apologies to Wiley for missing it, but some pretty crazy shit came up last-minute.  The following Monday, I was off again for 3-4 weeks of travel.  The shitty thing: I really miss just being home.  At least I got to see some old faces (by chance, mind you) while I was gone.  Among those was my favorite Pilot Training instructor, “Tic” Davidson, who was out there overseeing my first TDY (he ended up going A-10s) and “Miso” Strange who was pretty much my best friend at Valley Forge Military College and who I haven’t seen since the Academy. 

So it’s good to be home.  It’s even better to come back in time to see a televised Air Force/Notre Dame game, where Air Force won.  Granted, who can’t win against Notre Dame this year?  (Sorry JTI).  It just makes me think: it took Navy 4 overtimes to beat Notre Dame with a 2-point conversion… I think AFA should’ve beat Navy this year.  It just goes to show you that anything can happen at inter-service games… unless you’re Army; then you just lose. 

I’ve pretty much given up hope in the College Football Pool because Air Force has tagged the negative-band a few times.  Oh well.  In the Pool, it’s pretty much Hot Carl (Colorado), Skaterat (Fresno St.) and John the Irishman (Notre Dame) that will win it this year.  So be it.  The cool thing is I’ve kept up the scoring system that got shot down (here) and have looked at the results… to me, it’s about right because from watching this season, the teams that should be toward the top, are.  It’s nice because the big games that have happened this year have been rewarded aptly: Air Force coming out strong and beating Utah and TCU, Notre Dame beating UCLA, Tulane stomping UTEP, and Illinois handing it to the Ohio State.  Many other teams have benefited from the “upset rule” and have gained some big points.  So below is the pool points comparison:

Week 11 Pool Points Comparison

As you can see, according to the “unofficial” scoring system it’s still pretty close for most teams: Colorado, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Air Force, and Illinois are neck-and-neck.  Obviously, Tulane and Illinois got the biggest boost from this past weekend.  I guess the thing I’m most impressed with the alternate scoring system is that the teams you’d expect to be close, are.  It’s not random in the point rewards.  With 2 weeks to go in regular college football season, I’ll post the final comparison once it’s all said and done. By the way, if interested the actual spreadsheet with the scoring is found here.

Air Force has only one more game left: next week vs San Diego State.  Hopefully it’ll be an easy win, but Air Force (last year) threw away some guaranteed wins.  So we’ll see how it goes.  With all the questions surrounding Air Force this season taking on a new coach and shaking up the team, I’m extremely impressed with how they’ve done.  Hopefully it will only get better with years to come.

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