This really should’ve been posted about 2 weeks ago, but right after finishing the trip, I rolled right into an exercise with the Army that sapped about 18 hrs per day for two weeks straight (yes, that included the weekends too).  So it’s better late than never I guess…

About a year ago, Pam and I decided to take advantage of living out West and taking the motorcycle up and down the Pacific Coast.  That trip will go down as one of the more memorable vacations I’ve been on.  Since we live in Savannah now, we decided to use our last free moment of the summer doing the same thing on the East Coast.  The East Coast definitely doesn’t have the breath-taking beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway, but it does have quite a few good history-soaked stops (many of which we probably bypassed since we had 4 free days).  Moreover, since being in the Air Force can lead to unique opportunities (ie, friends in practically every location in the world), we always try to visit at least one of our many friends that we’ve made while we’re out.  This trips winner: Derby and family!

the route...Of course, I don’t believe in planning out a trip with details… it’s vacation for God’s sake!  So we loosely followed a path north-bound with a slightly different path south-bound.  The roads we ended up taking are shown.

We started the trip out by beating-feet to Washington, DC via I-95 in one shot (the purple-red route).  A little boring with only highway driving, but you gotta give a little bit if you only have 4 days to go somewhere and back.  The first few hours were drizzly, but after South Carolina the clouds gave way to a pleasant ride the rest of the way.  I think my back and Pam’s ass were ready for the break by the time we made it there.  We were greeted by Derby and Susannah (and their kids, one of which had a freshly broken arm).  Some of that posted at Susannah’s place (along with pictures, so I won’t duplicate them here).  It was a well-deserved break that I think both Derby and I needed: both of us, due to the nature of our jobs now, lack the “Squadron life” and the camaraderie of familiar faces that we grew to love at Cannon AFB.  We mainly just stayed in and shot-the-shit, taking in Saturday’s opening college football games.  I did take advantage of the area by visiting the house that I spent 3 years of my childhood in (more of that at some point) as well as visiting an Air and Space Museum… not the Air and Space Museum in DC, but a private one near Dulles Airport that rivals the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

A day and a half later, we were off again back south-bound with a planned stop at Myrtle Beach (since Pam’s never been there before).  Not much has changed there since ’96 when a few buds and I went there for Spring Break.  Motherfletchers (the big dance club there) had been torn down since then, but other than that, you still have a lot of punks that cruise the strip in expensive cars or motorcycles looking to score a piece of tail.  We tried to avoid that scene and stuck to the beach with dinner on the pier.  The water was quite warm (as it should be toward the end of August), so we even indulged a little and jumped the waves until around midnight (and yes, we had our swimsuits on).

Biking in Myrtle Beach

By Monday, we were ready to get back home, noting that we need to make a point to go back to Myrtle Beach a little longer than one night next time.  The way back was short, with a stop in Charleston for lunch.  By Monday night, both of us were pretty exhausted from riding and were glad to be home.  All in all, we put about 1250 miles roundtrip on the Harley, bringing it right up to 5000 miles for its scheduled tune-up.  The trip was great, but what it really needed was more bikes and dudes to share it with.  Perhaps next assignment.  Until then, Pam and I still have each other and we’ll continue to ride on…

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