Living in the West (err… New Mexico) had some advantages: if you had 4 hours of time to waste and the wind wasn’t blowing over 30 mph (which was rare), it was fun to get the boys together and do a motorcycle rally.  Why do those conditions have to be met in order to get together a rally?  Because it takes at least 2+ hours one-way to go anywhere (add another hour if you want to actually go somewhere interesting), and riding motorcycles with a strong crosswind and blowing dust sucks too.  That being said, the 3 or 4 rallies we made happen were a blast (as shown below)!

The first Hound Rally to Alamagordo

In New Mexico, once you head west-bound for about 2-3 hours, you get into some very beautiful landscapes with roads that do a little more than just make a straight path across the high-plain deserts.  When I sit back and think about all the extremes I’ve ridden through in New Mexico (everything from riding with a blow-drier in your face in 130°F heat to almost drowning in torrential rain while getting my face pelted by hail at the same time), it seems like it shouldn’t have been all that fun.  By myself, it probably wouldn’t have been all that fun.  It’s amazing how much company (riding buddies) can make all the difference in the world when facing “adverse” conditions.  So with New Mexico behind us, I find that riding in Savannah has some advantages as well.  First, you can ride somewhere in as short as 20 minutes one-way (River Street for lunch) to as long as you want and still actually go somewhere interesting (like Cape Canaveral).  Luckily, even though I’ve left behind the Hounds and all my riding buddies there (most pictured above), I at least still have one riding buddy left: Pam.  I was lucky enough to marry someone that doesn’t mind riding on the backseat and keeping me company while I ride here or there.

Since I more or less have today off (and with not much time left until my next TDY), Pam and I decided to take a small trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina for lunch, window shopping, and to see what the beach was like.  The trip was pleasant despite the spring-break traffic.  The beach seemed nice… we noticed that they do allow dogs on the beach.  Perhaps next time to Hilton Head, we’ll have to bring the gayhounds and try to throw them in the ocean (I have a funny feeling getting Merlin to touch the water will be like pulling a mule into a trailer).  Anyhow, it was nice to just ride around for a little bit more and have a place to stop and eat lunch that was worth exploring.  I’ll miss the riding until August.

Pam and I at Hilton Head

BUT: I think I’ve talked my buddy Wiley into heading out to Sturgis from 6-12 August this summer.  Right now, I’ve got Pam somewhat on-board to ride out to Sturgis and back, and I think Wiley will meet me there.  I guess a few of the dudes from my squadron/Army unit are planning on going as well.  Anyone else that reads this and has a bike is more than welcome to make the trip out.  I think it’ll be a great time.  I haven’t really planned it out yet; I figure it’ll fall into place as the time gets closer.  Hopefully it goes off without a hitch.

UPDATE: It looks like Diesel is on-board for the trip too… a mini-Hound reunion! Now we just need Limey and Astro to get a bike and go, as well as talk Korn into going…

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