weed.jpgSundays seem to be the day I catch-up on the housework. Today I whacked the three foot high weeds in our yard (the only green things in it) and picked up petrified dog poop. Georgia is going through a pretty bad drought right now. There are wildfires burning 120 miles southwest of us. They’ve been out of control for a couple of weeks now and are being dubbed the worst in Georgia’s history.  Regardless of the lack of rain, weeds always seem to prevail. This specific one reaches up to my waist.  I’ve been watching it grow (like a weed) for the past couple of months on my daily dog walk.

I have to think to myself, I didn’t leave the blowing dust and tumbleweeds of Clovis for this, did I?! I was so excited to live in the Deep South. Trav would tell me about the torrential thunderstorms they’d have in Mississippi when he was stationed there for pilot training. I LOVE a good thunderstorm but have yet to experience one here. Actually, when I step outside the weather reminds me of all things… Clovis. Ugh.

Let me list a few other differences I’ve noticed between the two. They each have their infestations: cow flies and June bugs in Clovis to sand gnats and cockroaches in Savannah (I think I’d prefer the flies over the roaches). Other differences: trees vs. brush, Spanish moss vs. tumbleweeds, dust vs. pollen, things to do vs. sheer boredom…. you get the picture.

Back to the thunderstorms, what I wouldn’t give to see a good downpour. Yet the forecast has us warm and dry the next four days and counting…  So, here’s one of those rare nights in New Mexico where it was storming in the distance. Trav took this one in our backyard on a delayed shutter. Probably the coolest I’ve seen to date.

Storms out West

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