Over Christmas, I started a woodworking project while visiting my parents.  With greyhounds, it is recommended that you raise their food dishes so as not to cause bloating or whatever the experts say.  Instead of going to Petsmart to buy a set of dishes that are raised off the ground, I decided I could build a set (for about the same price) that looks a lot better than what you can buy in a store.  Plus, whenever I delve into a woodworking project, it always gives me a legitimate reason to increase my tool collection (in order to complete the project).  So with every project, I also get to build up my woodworking shop.

Unfortunately, all I got out of this one was a set of clamps.  At some point when we have kids, I’ll probably set out to build a crib.  That project should get me a planar, lathe, and biscuit cutter.  For now though, since we’re still on our way out of debt, two clamps will do.

Anyhow, back to the original post.  I got about 60% of the way through the project with my Dad and came to a screeching halt: we had no tool that could cleanly cut angles.  At that point, I just brought what my Dad and I had done back to Savannah to finish it there someday (that story posted here).  Being windy and all yesterday, that “someday” has finally arrived.

The missing toolThe details of what I had done up to this point can be found in the original post (shortcut above).  But now that I have my trusted compound miter saw (the tool the project desperately needed) unpacked, I was ready to finish what I had started.  With the saw, it took me about ½ hour to cut the angles I needed on the skirt.  From there (and here’s where the money saving comes in because I decided on not to buy a biscuit cutter… for now), I just glued it all together using wood glue and clamps.  Once the glue dried, I drilled holes for screws and screwed the pieces together to further strengthen it.  I covered up the screw holes with wood plugs and sanded it all down to give it a finished look.  Add some stain and lacquer and we now have a working dog table.  The dogs seem to like it, too… especially when there’s food in the bowls.

The finished product

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