About three years ago, I bought Pam a greyhound for her birthday as a present (well, more like we adopted an ex-racer from Arizona). She never grew up with dogs, and I wanted her to experience the joy of having a dog around the house. Unfortunately, the dog we got, Merlin, was probably the farthest thing from a dog (the way he acted of course) than any other dog I’ve ever had. He was very shy and skittish… for example, we’d try to play fetch with him and when we’d throw the ball, he’d always run the other way because no matter where the ball went, he always thought we were chucking it at him.

After a few months of the gayness, I couldn’t take it anymore.  Apparently he wasn’t getting any better with us trying to train him, so we decided to get him a companion.  This time I made sure we’d get the fire-cracker of the bunch to hopefully pull Merlin out of his gay shell.  About a week after making this decision, we ended up with Morgan.  Per my wishes, she was, in fact, a rebel-rouser.

Over the years of owning the two of them, Morgan has pulled Merlin out of his shell a little bit, but I think Merlin’s gayness will always be there to some degree (hence calling them “gayhounds” instead of “greyhounds”).  The funny thing is that these dogs were both so sheltered during their racing careers that, every once in a while, they’ll do something that totally throws us for a loop.

For example, when we first got them, they were terrified of walking on tile.  Carpet?  No problem… but tile?  No way in hell.  After a few weeks they got used to it.  Then we throw them in a car and drive them out to Ohio for Christmas only to find out they had no clue how to walk up or down stairs.  Again, after about a week, they’ll do it (though Merlin, being the uncoordinated one, still more or less does a “controlled fall” has he hastily makes his way down the stairs).  Once we got back to New Mexico, we got a light dusting of snow.  I’ve never seen them run around and chase each other so much, as well as snapping at the snow!  And now, within the past year or so, around 8PM every night, Morgan gets jealous of us watching TV and starts to howl to try to get our attention.

Since we’ve had them for about three years, I figured I’ve probably seen it all by now.  Today, Morgan just proved me wrong.  Now, I know dogs will bark at cars or tires and try to chase them down the road (both of which our dogs ignore), but I’ve never heard of a dog spazzing about kites flying around! 

Morgan hates kites, apparently...

This morning I let the dogs out, and after I got out of the shower, I heard tons of barking (which our dogs very rarely do).  Sure enough, it was Morgan.  I yelled at her to get inside, only to have her pace back and forth by the door.  So I let her out again.  As soon as the door opened, she was out looking skyward and charging the fence.  What the hell?…  When I looked up I noticed about 4-5 kites flying behind our backyard where the local elementary school is.  I don’t know what that dogs deal is with kites, but I’ve never seen that before. 

For Morgan, I guess it just doesn’t get old, either.  I could let her out for the whole afternoon, and she will charge the fence, try to jump over it, all the while intently watching the flying kites and barking at them.  I don’t get it.  What goes through a dog’s mind, I will never know.  Or maybe it’s the “gayhound” coming out in our dogs. Thanks for keeping the backyard safe from those mean, nasty kites…

Just in case the picture doesn’t prove it enough, I’ve got video too:

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  • johnnyj

    Aren’t the “gayhounds” trained to “fetch” looking up (rabbit)?

    Either way, funny shit…Looks like a bird dog to me…

  • Great – something else to look forward to when you visit…

  • Halarious!! Morgan is such a character! At least you know you’re house is safe from invading kites!