With the garage finally in order, I was going to brew up a special-edition of Nut Cream this weekend, but it looks like the The Snakeye BrewerySnakeye Brewery won’t open up until August or so. Looking ahead, I need to be home at least a few weeks at a time to tend to the beer, and I’m not getting that. As of right now, I’m heading to Ft. Bragg for a week this coming week, followed by spending the whole month of March in Las Vegas for WIC support as well as finish off the JTAC course (a 3-week course after I’ve already spent a week for WIC support). After that, at some point, is the “long training trip” elsewhere. Sucks. The good thing is if I get going in August, I’ll have the opportunity to make a somewhat authentic Oktoberfest beer in time for late September/early October. Hopefully I’ll have time to make the Maple Porter Winter special as well, in time for December. Anyway Astro, I haven’t forgotten my debt to you. The deployments here are actually many more than in Clovis. So it’s tough to squeeze it all in.

By the way, if anyone is out in Vegas during the month of March, my phone number hasn’t changed.

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