With the SuperBowl and Jerk-Off officially over, here’s what’s left to say:

4thI ended up taking 4 out of 5 for the jerky… ok, some room to improve for next year. Perhaps I will take my Dad’s sage advice for the next one (though I think I cannot, since I have a funny feeling that I may be competing against him in the next one).

Astro, good on you for winning the Jerk-Off… if I recall, last year you won the Chili Cookoff as well (and a little more from Pam’s fat friend)… I’m jealous of your winnings. BUT, at least I got the SuperBowl bet. Dan from Madison, sorry the Bears lost. It was a good (and sloppy) game. I probably would’ve rooted for the Bears because they seem a lot like Cleveland: they’re good til they go somewhere, and then they choke. I hope they have a team that can make it next year… Payton deserved to win it this year.

So a good wrap up to the Shark Tank and football season. I can’t wait until college kicks off next year. Astro, I’ll take a bet now: you said that AFA sucked compared to Tulane in preseason polls… I bet AFA’s record will be better than that of Tulane’s. That’s saying a lot too, since we don’t have Gen. DeBerry around anymore…

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