After a while, it gets lonely out here in Savannah when you don’t know too many people. That was the one good thing about C-Town. There were always people to see and hang out with on the weekends. Even though Chili’s was a complete hole, I miss downing a beer with Limey, El Dude, Bull, Maddog, Goose, Clutch, Diesel and all the other boys. Both Pam and I were getting a little down this morning thinking about the good times, so we figured getting out of the house for a while is just what the doctor ordered. While we were driving around, we stumbled across the only German grocer in Savannah (and luckily for us it’s only about 5 miles away from our house), called Rolf’s: Deutscher Metzger. The place is about the size of a master bedroom (quite small), but the guy has a grill outside where he smokes any style of German sausage out there! He also has steaks, sauerbraten, and other marinaded meats in his butcher case. They even had some German-import products like boxed späetzle and kinder-eggs!

Pam and I couldn’t resist… we ended up buying some of the groceries from the store and decided to turn tonight into “German night” at the house. It’s funny how little things like that can keep your mind occupied. You tend to forget how lonely and down you are and start to cheer up. Limey, you’d be impressed with what we found: everything from Nürnberger Bratwürste to ApfelKorn and mini-kegs of real Dortmunder beer! Of course, I’m sure we payed a lot more for it than what you’d find it for in Germany. I definitely want to go back to that grocery store; might as well take advantage of it during the 2 years that we’re here.

St. Pami Girl

So since we’re eating sausage tonight (actually Nürnberger Bratwürste), and we’re having a German-theme night, I figured what better way than to close this post with some authentic German music that ties it all together (no, it’s not Hasselhoff, sorry Limey… it’s this dude called Günther and much funnier.. Pisa would dig this guy…)

By the way, thanks to Brokeback “Maddog” Madson for picking up the Dirndl for Pam…

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