Construction CompleteAfter about a week of cracking code, both via a book and downloading themes and seeing how its code differed from mine, I finally got the Snake-site the way I want it for the most part. Granted, it’s still a pretty simple design without all the bells and whistles (like widgets, etc), but I like the fact that this design depends heavily on graphics (I’m more of a graphic person, as I think anyone who knows me can testify to that). Improved from the old Snake-site of last week: added “← Previous Entries” and “Next Entries →” to the bottom of pages allowing access to all archive posts, as well as the posting date will now show on multiple posts in the same day. It was quite a struggle there for a while, as the site went into disarray for about a day or so. All back to normal now. Though, I owe Dan from Madison a way to stop Internet Explorer for asking Active-X questions everytime there is a song on my site. Next up: figure out starting a photo album somewhat independent from the blog. I think that’ll be an easy one to tackle though.

Limey's Shot BlogThat being said, I guess I’ll take the time to introduce a new addition to my Blogroll. I’d throw John the Irishman (Pam’s culinary cousin) in here, but he started about the same time as me and already has a small following (his site is worth checking out – especially his tidbits about cooking… though he’ll offer you a little insight on life in Cleveland as well).

But to those interested on fighter-pilot life with a German twist on it, I introduce you to my friend Limey’s new site. It seems that he finally got the bugs worked out of it. I can predict, that like my site, he will probably include a lot of graphics and pictures on it. When we were all together in Clovis, Limey took some of the best pictures I’ve seen with his digital SLR. One of my favorite ones being his “American Classics” picture. In fact, he’s even added a “Picture of the Week” on it. Not that I’ll do that with my website, but it makes me want to go out and use my camera more extensively, mainly for the online Photo Album I’m looking to set up. So Limey, I can’t guarantee you this will get you more traffic, but who knows. By the way, you’re “About” page is hilarious. Limey, lastly I’ll leave with Astro’s sage advice, as well as Dan from Madison’s sage advice, for blogging.

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  • Limey

    Snakeye try Flickr, for a slideshow plug in. The added bonus is it gives you an additional free 250 Megs of picture storage and automatically generates the code for you to paste into your blog. The only problem I see right now is that it sometimes doesn’t load all the pictures. To see it in action just go to my Photogallery Link…

  • Yeah… I was checking it out. The only thing is that I tend to shy away from “outsourcing” anything on my website.

  • BTW, Limey, you should really read what Stro and Dan from Madison had to say.

  • Thanks for the plug, Trav !

  • Limey

    I did read their articles. It made me feel bad that I am intending just to randomly post crap that I come up with (Catblogging?) I’ll pledge to improve my writing skills (as a German) and write about things that might make people think, learn or at least smile a little.

  • dfm

    I started a comment here but it got WAY too long, Snake and Limey. Check out my blog for a post instead. Best, Dan.

  • Limey : Posting random crap is what blogs are all about ! I think it’s the diversity of what people post and comment that keeps it interesting…

    Catblogging ?

  • Dude, I’m kinda doing the same thing… just blogging what I feel. Every once in a while I may get into some topic or other.