Johnny #6This weekend I came home to the surprise of a new laptop still in the FedEx box. Our replacement for the old laptop (dubbed Johnny 5, because it kept kicking after a spillthen it died) wasn’t supposed to show up until 27 February. I guess it showed up the Monday I left to go to Bragg (19 February)! This is good, ’cause now I’ll have it to bring to Vegas with me, as well as other TDY places. It’ll be key for updating the finances and this website for when I’m on the road.

The new Laptop

This computer boasts a 17″ widescreen (an upgrade from the 15.4″ of the last one), 2GB RAM, Intel Core2 T7200 @ 2.0 GHz, and an on-board video card that has 512MB of memory. It’s pretty nice and can definitely do most everything my desktop can do: photo doctoring (I mean editing), video editing, games, and can even act as a TiVo if needed. The thing that I’m most impressed with, though, is it came with the Premium Edition of Windows Vista, the new OS to replace Windows XP. It has more the look and feel of a Mac OS (I guess they say it’s a lot like OS X). It’s really nice… I like it.

Be forewarned though, from what I’ve been reading, you need a mid-end or higher computer to run it properly. I guess people have been getting pissed because they put Windows Vista on their computers and it doesn’t work: it needs at least 1GB RAM to run. The solution? Don’t install it on a piece-of-shit computer… If your computer is more than 2 years old, it probably will have a hard time running Vista and it’s about time to get a new computer anyway. Think of it this way: it’s like taking a 20 year-old F-16 and mounting the latest and greatest hardware in it, but not touching the engine or anything else. You get an F-16 with an all-glass cockpit that can do things (electronically) that 4th-generation fighters can do, but it takes a 12,000 ft runway to get off the ground, can make one 180 degree turn before it loses all it’s speed, and has a max climb-rate of 100 ft per minute. Point being, you have to upgrade everything (engine and all) to get it to work right and not just look pretty.

So to the point, I find it humorous when people with old computers bitch about how Vista won’t work on them. Get a new computer cheapskate, or just live with Windows XP.

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