Today for my birthday (yes, I guess I’m 29 now), Pam decided to take me out to downtown Savannah for dinner. We ended up going to a Moroccan restaurant called The Casbah (or was that the Catbox?). It was surprisingly convincing. The inside is decked out like you’re in a giant Mideastern tent, as there is velvet and other cloth hanging down around you (it’s almost as if the walls weren’t even there). They seat you in these low, comfortable couches to eat.

Pam and I rocking the Casbah

Once you order (which again, they have mainly chicken and/or lamb dishes, like lamb & tunafish), playing with the foodthey come out and wash your hands. There’s absolutely no silverware because you eat it Moroccan-style: with your hands. It kinda reminded me a little of Saudi Arabia, because I remember those guys liked to eat with their hands as well. As we ate to Moroccan/Mideastern music, belly dancers would come out and put on shows for the crowds. One in particular was really good, so Pam made me tip her… (almost felt like I was in the Champaign Room or something). BTW Limey, Pam claims that this chick looks just like Tonica… I’ll let you decide.

Anyhow, they even have a little store (they call it the “Bazaar”) that you can buy little Moroccan trinkets and furniture from when you’re done eating (only they really didn’t have any nice Hookahs). All in all, I was pretty impressed with the joint. We’ll definitely have to go back at some time… perhaps with company.

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