Well, we’ve (or I guess Pam mostly…) finally got most of the house cleaned up enough for our very first visitors. Pam’s parents are on their way to Miami to take a cruise through the Panama Canal, and decided to make our house the mid-point stop in Savannah, GA. I guess Savannah sure as hell beats out Clovis for a good half-way stop, and people actually want to come to this city (unlike Clovis). So, first, as promised a few weeks back, here is a little 2 minute clip of me walking through the house: (this is meant more for family and may be quite boring… and I apologized now for Pam pumping the “finger” in the video… but if you know us, you know it’s standard ops…)

[flv:/video/Home.flv 500 375]

So, hopefully, like the C-word (Clovis), this house will see many visitors (or intruders as I put it) come through. I won’t lie, if there’s one thing that I miss is the extremely tight-nit community Clovis and Cannon AFB offered. It led to great comradery. Out here, it’s not quite the same. Right now, it seems like we’re the loners. That being said, what we do have to offer is one great city to explore steeped in Southern Tradition. Not only that, but it boasts the best St. Patty’s Day Celebration (to top even Ireland, so Bull tells me). So friends, we have an open-door policy as it was in C-Town: mi casa es su casa. Please come and visit… and if you give me forewarning, I will make sure the taps are filled and the same debauchery that made Clovis tight-nit will exist here (that includes you, Limey, ’cause I know you’ll be in the States now), at least for as long as you’re here. So here’s to our first visitors!

Intruders in the house

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