As the Air Force continues to have me “cross into the Green,” I still continue to find surprises with every new week. This past week was my first trip with my Army brethren. Let me start with this: whenever we go on trips with the Air Force, we’re put up in 1 or 2 to a room, have 12 hours opportunity to rest, etc, etc… Here are your typical Air Force amenities:

AF Lodging

Now, this past week I spent 5 glorious days with the Army in their best accommodations:

Army Lodging...

That’s right: 9 of us to a room (that “Army of One” slogan is misleading at this point), lights-on until who knows, snoring, grab-assery, one shower, two shitters, and about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I guess this is pretty plush, too. I hear that most of the time you usually sleep in the field under Hummers and take a shower of canteen water every third day. So perhaps I should count my blessings, but I’m not really complaining. It’s just… well… a little bit of a “culture shock” I guess.

I did get my first peek into what the “Army of One” is all about though. It was fun getting my hands a little dirty and getting to play with Army toys (vice the toy’s that Big Brother took away in my Air Force “toy box” for 2 years).

By the way: that last bunk bed in the far corner there (roughly in the middle of the picture) was mine. And yes, I had to hunker down from a barrage of comments (of course, the Air Force guy suffers the brunt of them) ranging from having “Moobs” (Man Boobs, I guess… I really dunno where that one came from) to getting my “fruity Bahama-Mama” boxers ripped off if I ever wear them to bed again… relentless…

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