No really… Pam and I just made a drive from Savannah, GA to Dayton, OH.  It was supposed to take about 10-11 hours.  It took 18…  So the first lesson learned: Driving long distances before and after holidays really really sucks.  Now add in the fact that there was a heavy down-pour accompanying the ENTIRE route of the trip and it’s even worse.  And then to get your temper really flaring like a pack of hemorrhoids, you have consistent stop-and-go traffic for absolutely no reason at all (especially from Savannah to the West Va. border).  With all that in itself, I would rather take a direct hit from a shotgun than drive that route again.

All that being said, here’s the icing on the cake:  right outside of Columbia, SC was the culmination of my frustration.  I’m just minding my own business and keeping up with traffic.  It’s still dumping rain outside.  I’d just finished driving through a bout of 5-mph-traffic for 30 minutes, and now I was getting my time back by sticking with a few dudes doing about 65 mph (until it would go back to 5 mph again… *sigh*).  Anyhow, with a fresh serving of luck, the truck lost complete Offroadingtraction and hydroplaned.  How did I know?  Well, because we were moving down the highway sideways at 65 mph, just to see the scenery along the way.  The damn truck ended up going off into the ditch… by the time we were entering the ditch, the car began to right itself back to a forward orientation (instead of moving sideways).  You’d think the car was the General Lee from how it handled the ditch, because we ended up stopped on the damn access road next to the highway.  The bad news, we hit a bunch of tree stumps in the ditch too.  So now our front tires are flat and pushed about 6 inches back from where they should be.  No fair, the General Lee was always able to drive off.

So to make a long story short, the damn truck is in the shop for the next month to get body work and mechanical work done on it.  Pam and I are driving around a retarded Dodge PT Cruiser rental car.  When it rains, it really does pour sometimes.  The only thing that could’ve made that day go any better was if a deer or elk jumped out and totalled the PT Cruiser.  Then I could have the luxury of paying 2 damn deductibles.  A perfect draw-down to a shitty 2006.  I can’t wait till ’07.  Hopefully it won’t be the “year of bad luck” like ’06 was for Pam and I.

UPDATE:  I just got a call from the shop in Columbia, SC… seems the opening estimate is $4,600.  Thank God for insurance.

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