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With 23 Bowl games to go (luckily I think most of the snoozers are behind us), I think today is the “fulcrum” for how well I will or won’t do in the big bet.  Unfortunately, on some of my picks I went out on a limb like last night: Florida St against UCLA.  I really hate both Florida and California teams, but since one of my best friends from highschool went to Florida St for a while, that’s why I picked them (and they were supposed to get their ass handed to them according to Vegas).  My brashness paid off to put me at a 2-game-lead over everyone else so far.

But today, my picks continue to go off on a limb:

Go Cowboys!To begin with the day’s opener (4:30 ET) of Alabama v Okla St.  I think Alabama had a great season, and I really do want to root for them (as well as I’m not fond of anything Oklahoma).  But ‘Bama’s severe coaching issues will be their downfall in my opinion.  This leaves me pulling for Okla St. along with 2 others in our betting pool of 5.

Go Aggies!Next (8:00 ET) is California v Texas A&M.  This is an easy pick for me: reference that I hate California teams, as well as my dad and two good friends from my old squadron went to Texas A&M.  I’m just hoping they are still holding the momentum they had from pulling off a stunning upset against #11 Texas.  For this one, I have Astro to back me up on A&M against the other 3 dudes.

Go Wildcats!Lastly (8:00 ET) is Rutgers v Kansas St.  What can I say, I could honestly care less for either team.  I’m more looking for a good game on this one.  Why did I pick Kansas St?  Because I think that they played a slightly harder schedule than the Rutgers and, even though they aren’t ranked, I think they may have what it takes to pull off an upset.  I’d be willing to bet it will be extremely obvious where this game is going after the end of the 1st quarter.  For this, I stand alone.  The other 4 are pulling for the Rutgers.  This could push me out farther in the pool, but then again, I think it may pull me a little from the lead.

For continuing coverage, reference Astro’s website, where we talk shit and sling mud.

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